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Prove yourself in demanding, arcade-style challenge. Cyber Protocol is going to Xbox One and PC!

After a great start at Nintendo Switch, Red Deer Games decided to bring Cyber Protocol to new platforms. This puzzle game takes players back to the time when skills, patience and logic were required to beat challenges. What’s important, Cyber Protocol does this in true retro-style, thanks to its looks and music. The game will be released on Xbox One and PC on June 5th.

Become a hacker in the cyberpunk city

Sometimes things just go wrong, like when the main character’s friend, Android G0X6, was suddenly shut off. But he is a hacker, after all, so getting through 100 handmade levels of security system to bring G0X6 back to life will be a piece of cake. Maybe. Hopefully. 

Well, probably not. 

One thing is sure, it’s a journey in the rhythm of great 8-bit music and synthwave. The visual aspects bring a nostalgic vibe and remind of the energetic world of arcade machines. On top of that, cyberpunk’s details create a unique mood. Everything together makes an ideal environment to test skills.




Choose wisely, act quickly

Each of the levels is carefully thought out and created to provide a unique and rewarding challenge. It requires the player to both plan well and take quick action because here knowledge of the pattern and good timing are crucial. To pass through many fragments it’s necessary to execute the plan in the blink of an eye. Also, new elements, enemies and obstacles regularly appear in the game, so the next levels are always full of surprises.


Fun for four

Cyber Protocol supports the gameplay of up to four people. This means that the player can face friends or family locally, trying to complete a level before them. It’s an ideal proposition for people who like competition. 

 For those who just don’t have cyber-hacking fans at hand, there is a general ranking in the game, one for each platform. 

Catch in June

The game will be available on PC on Steam and Xbox One on June 5th. It’s a position worth checking out for anyone who misses the satisfaction of overcoming a difficult level. If you are interested, add the game to your wishlist today. 


On May 27th we start pre-order on Xbox One with promotion (20% off). 

From June 5th for one week, the game will be available on Steam with promotion (20% off).



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