Head to the Smurf village with RedDeer.Games and celebrate the 65th anniversary of The Smurfs!

The 65th anniversary of The Smurfs has just passed, but the celebrations still go on. There have been new elements of the franchise, including an original, expansive The Smurfs game that develops the fairytale world’s characters and story.

Titles like these are great for new and already familiar fans of our little blue friends, which is why RedDeer.Games have also taken part in the fun to deliver some experiences for the youngest of us.

The experienced developer for Nintendo Switch console has made two distinct, original The Smurfs games. Each takes place in and around the well-known Smurfs village and has plenty of educational content. All of this in a simple, understandable format that both kids and adults will love.


Let’s start with one that will see the light of day a bit sooner – The Smurfs: Learn and Play. Kids will be welcomed to the wonderful world of the Smurfs and immediately introduced to a few funny minigames. Learning numbers, reading the clock, and matching a Smurf to its shadow are the more educational activities within the game. They teach the basics and help with development in a simple and fun way.

Aside from the traditionally educational aspect, there is also a minigame about finding missing objects in many different Smurf-related pictures. These kinds of games shaped searching skills and observation, while providing a sense of fun and accomplishment.

Can you find all of the Smurfs’ ice skates? Or the multiple missing mops? See for yourself from the 17th of November.


Coming December 8th is a game where imagination is everything. The Smurfs: Colorful Stories is a coloring game with a unique variety of tools to use. There are 14 different categories of pages to fill out, all related to the fantastic world of The Smurfs.

There are many brushes and colors that will help anyone spread their wings when it comes to reimagining their favorite characters. The game offers freedom in going in and out of lines and makes sure that no two pictures will look the same.

For kids who want to make their own stories, there is also an option to draw from scratch on a clear canvas. The world is your oyster – color it however you’d like!



Both The Smurfs games are dedicated to kids and adults alike, to encourage individual learning while spending time with family on discovering new interests.

With RedDeer.Games, a free evening will turn into a journey to another universe. In games focused on peaceful learning, like Cat’s Cosmic Atlas, or an emotional story, like The Companion, the sense of adventure and good fun will surely be satiated no matter one’s age.