AAA Clock: a truly new quality watch for the Nintendo Switch™ introduce the world’s only AAA Clock – a genuinely new quality watch for the Nintendo Switch™ console! This is without a doubt the best flip clock ever made. 

It will be available on October 7 in Japan, Korea and Hong Kong, and October 8 in North America, Europe and Australia.

Enjoy the new and reliable AAA Clock in your flat, on the terrace, or in the lobby – AAA Clock is your personal timepiece wherever you are.
Here it is, what all gamers have been waiting for.

Watch the trailer now on YouTube:

AAA Clock features a simple, foolproof design. This innovative app can be used as a stylish desk accent color, but it also doubles as a useful reminder to set the alarm when you get off work.

AAA Clock is packed with a cool retro game, which you can play whenever you get bored. Grab your console, settle down on the couch, play a great game, and chill out!

AAA Clock offers full customization. You can turn on any color or enable color-sensing mode for your joy-cons. AAA Clock will be available for 1.99 $ / € at the launch (limited time offer), and later for the regular price of 9.99 $ / €.


  • Super production quality while incorporating classic clock mechanics 
  • A premium product for the demanding users 
  • HD Clock with full support for OLED technology  
  • The retro game included! Just play and relax 
  • Supported languages: Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese. officially confirmed that the company is working on a sequel.

The Press kit (screenshots, photos, etc.) is available for download HERE:
Watch the trailer on YouTube:

For more information on AAA Clock, please visit the official Twitter account, official Facebook fanpage, official Discord Server,and website.

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We aim to create accessible games, easily distinguishable by their original art style. Our main goal, however, is for them to be FUN!

In recent years we released Cyber Protocol, Brawl Chess, Comic Coloring Book, Clumsy Rush, Art Sqool, Nirvana Pilot Yume, Under Leaves and Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia. 

Currently, the company is working on the science fiction horror game Time Hole, and the comic, humorous platformer 7 Horizons. We also announced two games in the universe of the beloved comic “Kayko and Kokosh”.
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