April’s wrap-up – Indie Spring Spree Event starting this Friday!

RedDeer.Games, a developer, and publisher of Nintendo Switch games have announced the first-month line-up of their new event – Indie Spring Spree. In April, each Friday will bring new game releases on Nintendo Switch such as Catgotchi Virtual PetMixx Island: Remix PlusCarbage, and The Companion.

Watch the trailer of the Indie Spring Spree Event 

RDG issued a special calendar for April’s part of the Spring Spree Event, containing the releases and their dates.

Players will be able to find their new favorite titles from various genres and art styles – carefully selected from the RedDeer.Games release portfolio with affordable prices.   

This Friday, the first announced game – Catgotchi My Pet is going to be released on Nintendo Eshop. This Tamagotchi-inspired game with a retro vibe will bring a lot of fun for everyone despite their age. Players will be able to raise their precious cats from 12 different breeds – which will be unlocked with the time spent in the game.

Watch the Trailer Catgotchi My Pet
Catgotchi Press Pack

April 14th comes with a release of  Mixx Island: Remix Plus – a casual game with hold & gun boss rush mechanics. Players will be able to challenge themselves in encounters – filled with colorful action-oriented gameplay and eye-popping visuals – everything wrapped up with an amazing soundtrack.

Watch the Trailer Mixx Island: Remix Plus
Mixx Island: Remix Plus  Press Pack

Multiplayer-couch experience is hitting on 21st April with the next new release – Carbage. Players seeking new car party games are going to find some fresh features, as this title is not a typical game from this genre. This cartoonish survival car bumper game contains fast-paced gameplay with crazy-looking cars and can bring fun for 2-4 players.

Watch the Trailer Carbage
Carbage Press Pack 

At the culmination of the last week of the first month of the Indie Spring Spree Event – RedDeer.Games announced the release of The Companion –  a single-player narrative game with a cinematic experience. Players will be able to immerse themselves in the story of mystery, intrigue, and adventure play as an animal in the spiritual realm.

Watch the Trailer The Companion
The Companion Press Pack

All games with hot discount prices will be available on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

If you want to know more about the event, games, and review possibilities, ping us at: lucy@reddeer.games

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RedDeer.Games (RDG) is an independent video game developer and publisher. Awarded in the “Fastest Growing Gamedev Company in Central Europe” category. RDG is according to “Forbes” ranked among the Top50 Polish game producers. In recent years, RedDeer.Games released titles like: PID, Fluffy Horde, Cat Tales, AAA Clock 2, Space Tail, She Wants Me Dead, Reky, Broken Universe, League of Enthusiastic Losers, Pro Gymnast Simulator, EleMetals: Death Metal Death Match and Bit Orchard. At the moment, RedDeer.Games is working on games from licenses such as The Smurfs, Lucky Luke and many others.