RedDeerGames will release two video games based on the legendary Polish comics „Kayko and Kokosh”. Slavic superheroes will conquer the world!

RedDeerGames, a Polish studio that creates and publishes video games, has partnered with Janusz Christa’s „Kreska” Foundation. The agreement signed today gives RedDeerGames exclusive rights to release two games set in the universe known from the „Kayko and Kokosh” comics on the Nintendo Switch console.

The games will be created in cooperation with the Foundation, to reflect the spirit of the adventures of the brave Slavs as faithfully as possible. RedDeerGames plans to release them at the turn of 2021 and 2022.
– I’m impressed by the first projects sent by RedDeerGames even at the stage of contract negotiations. It is also important for us, as the Foundation, that we will be able to promote my grandfather’s comic book „Kayko and Kokosh” to fans of games on Nintendo Switch –  says Paulina Christa, president of the Kreska Foundation named after Janusz Christa, heir and granddaughter of Janusz Christa.

After the contracts for the animated series „Kayko and Kokosh”, which can now be watched on Netflix, the continuation of the cult series „Kayko and Kokosh New Adventures and the integrals, which are being prepared by Egmont, or the musical which is to premiere in September this year at the Syrena Theatre in Warsaw” Paulina Christa lists this as a key project for the Foundation.

– I hope that thanks to it we will not only enter the world market with the „Kayko and Kokosh” brand, but, above all, we will dynamically attract new fans of Polish comics from other countries. Next year we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Kayko and Kokosh, and this cooperation will allow us to build an even bigger universe of Janusz Christy’s Slavic warriors – she adds.

Kayko and Kokosh debuted in comic books written by Janusz Christy in the 1970s and quickly gained great popularity in Poland. Recently, the global audience could watch them in an animated series available on the Netflix streaming platform.
The comic is often referred to as Polish „Asterix and Obelix”, but its origins as „Kajtek and Koko” (the ancestors of Kayko and Kokosh) dates back to the 1950s, before René Goscinny’s work.
The series tells the adventures of two Slavic warriors. It’s aimed at children, but also loved by adults, full of humour and references to Slavic traditions. It has gained a cult following in Poland; it is the absolute foundation of Polish comics.
– Cooperation with Janusz Christa’s Kreska Foundation is an honor and a great pleasure. Our mission is clear: to create games that comic book fans will love, but also to present these characters and the universe to a global audience. We believe that Kayko and Kokosh deserve it – says Michał M. Lisiecki, CEO of RedDeerGames.
– We are glad that Netflix also sees this potential. We are sure that thanks to our competences in promoting and selling games on many world markets we will be able to successfully achieve this goal – he adds.
For now, it remains a mystery which genres the games will belong to. The developers only reveal that they will use the experience they gained while working on 7 Horizons – a comic arcade game for PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, as well as Series S|X.

For more information on Kayko and Kokosh, please visit the official game Twitter account, RedDeerGames official Facebook fanpage and RedDeerGames website.