The best party game of 2021 is coming to Nintendo Switch! Two insanely popular series join forces in Clumsy Rush x Astro Bears spinoff

Finally, the #crossover that the gaming world has been waiting for. The characters from two party games beloved by hundreds of thousands of gamers on Nintendo Switch will come together in one awesome title. 

Astro Bears from Astro Bears and the hippos from Clumsy Rush will team up in a series of crazy contests. Thanks to the cooperation between SONKA and RedDeerGames, the Clumsy Rush x Astro Bears spinoff will be released in 2021. The game will focus on friendly rivalry and humor. 

Astro Bears is a wildly popular competitive party game featuring bears in space suits. The adorably chaotic gameplay set on both large and smaller planets has attracted nearly a million players, and upon its release, it took the number one spot in the Bestsellers category of the Nintendo eShop. It’s impossible not to love these bears! 

SONKA is a game developer that specializes in titles for Nintendo Switch. Their portfolio includes such hits as the well-received port of Duke Nukem 3D or the pixel-art puzzle platformer The Way Remastered.

With its rainbow-colored setting, the fun party game Clumsy Rush has gained popularity for its lovable characters, humor, well-designed obstacle courses, and competitive, addictive gameplay.

As one of over a dozen hippos (including sumo, Donald with a comb-over, ninja, and cop), you fight with others to reach the finish line and win the crown. After great success on Nintendo Switch, the game was also released for Xbox One in 2020.

RedDeerGames is an indie game studio and publisher. The company creates games for consoles and PC, including the cyberpunk Cyber Protocol and Brawl Chess – Gambit, an epic chess game with a cartoon setting.

The Clumsy Rush x Astro Bears spinoff is a series of all-new, fast-paced challenges designed to be played with loved ones at one console and with players from around the world in online multiplayer for 2-4 people.

In this upcoming game, you can choose your favorite hero from a selection of cool skins and you’ll be able to experiment with the character’s stats. You will definitely find someone for yourself, after all, it’s the beloved Astro Bears and Clumsy Hippos. 


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