Bit Orchard: Animal Valley is coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox on April 22! 

Check out this brand new, amazingly adorable trailer!

The recently announced Game Boy-style farming simulator Bit Orchard: Animal Valley has just received a release date. The game will be released on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S | X this Friday, April 22.

On this occasion, the publisher has just published a brand new trailer for this cute retro game.

Watch the new trailer NOW: https://youtu.be/2VX-eyORoXE

You’ve always dreamed about owning an apple orchard and now you’ve finally purchased one! The only issue is it’s a little run down and needs some work!

Enjoy a trip down memory lane, with stylized 2D graphics, resembling old Game Boy titles. If you love pixel art games, you shouldn’t hesitate to try out this charming game.

– Simple controls
– No invisible walls (only visible ones)
– Great replay value
– A pet rabbit!
– Stylized 2D graphics
– Incredible music track

The Press kit (screenshots, arts, etc.) is available for download HERE.

Nintendo Switch EU version
Nintendo Switch EU Deluxe version
Nintendo Switch US version
Nintendo Switch US Deluxe version
XBOX version

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Graphic designer based out of Knoxville, Teeneese, who has always wanted to be a game designer. Dream come true, and he became a single-game developer, by making his first game – Bit Orchard.