RedDeer.Games extends the dates of the board game and comic book competitions in the world of „The Evil One” by Leopold Tyrmand, until March 30, 2023!

Create a board game or comic in the world of „The Evil One” and win cash prizes and publication of your work!

„The Evil One” is a multi-threaded, extremely intelligent, epic story. The title character is a mysterious hero who fights to defend the weaker against hooligans and the underground. When the law fails, he reaches for his fists.

The city, destroyed by the war, is slowly coming back to life. Among the rubble of ruined tenement houses, people try to find themselves in the new reality.


Comic book competition

A comic book can be a faithful or a loose adaptation of a book. We are waiting for both short (minimum 7 pages) and longer forms. Freestyle.

The comic book should be sent in an electronic form in PDF – in a preview version of 150 DPI to the e-mail zly@reddeer.games by March 30, 2023, together with the application form for the competition. In the case of collective work, each of the co-authors must complete and submit a form.


1st PRIZE – 1 000 EUR
2nd PRIZE – 800 EUR
3rd PRIZE – 500 EUR

An additional prize is the publication of the best comic and its global distribution, which the organizer can propose not only to the winners but to each author who will take part in the competition.

Board game competition

Take part in the competition for a prototype of a board game inspired by Leopold Tyrmand’s „The Evil One” crime story. The main prize is 2085 EUR + a chance to publish the awarded work.

The game can be a faithful or a loose adaptation of a book. Any number of players, time of the game min. 30 minutes.

The prize for the best prototype – EUR 2085 
+ the opportunity to publish this game with us.

The organizer may propose the release of the game not only to the laureate but also to any person who will take part in the competition. Write to us: zly@reddeer.games, deadline is: 30.03.2023. Please remember about the signed „Competition application form”.

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