A super-hit straight from Korea – Uzzuzzu My Pet with first game, now available for purchase

RedDeer.Games, a publisher and developer of games for the Nintendo Switch console, among others – has released its first announced game in partnership with Korean company OSSOSSO Inc. Uzzuzzu My Pet is now available globally on the Nintendo eShop. 

Watch Uzzuzuu My Pet Trailer

The first Uzzuzzu My Pet project, for Nintendo Switch consoles, which has just been released, features a variety of various coloring pictures, showcasing the main Uzzuzzu characters and their daily adventures. Regardless of age – there is something for everyone here.

Uzzuzzu My Pet is RDG’s first game in cooperation with OOSSO Inc. – a Korean company that creates and promotes various types of characters and their stories. RedDeer.Games have established the goal of globally distributing the brand – already recognized as a phenomenon in South Korea and Asia.

To the present, the four animal friends – Boo, Tara, Kung, and Ta – are the stars of animated films and mascots, in addition to a variety of other products. Uzzuzzu My Pet’s biggest success, however, is the CATV, SNS, which is used by more than 8 million Koreans. In addition to South Korea, the series and related products are popular in other Asian countries.

RedDeer.Games have planned more productions from the Uzzuzuu My Pet series, and one of them will be a clock with Uzzuzzu’s friends – one of the most popular series of apps created by the studio. As in previous versions, users will be able to customize their clock – this time with Uzzuzzu’s adorable pets.

In addition, a social game in the world of Uzzuzzu My Pet has also been announced, which, along with the characters, will take Nintendo Switch console users on a genuinely wacky and fun-filled adventure with friends.

The game Uzzuzuu My Pet is available on the Nintendo eShop. Dates for future releases will be announced in the next quarters of 2023.

RedDeer.Games also announced the expansion of its portfolio with more games featuring popular pets in the next release years.

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RedDeer.Games (RDG) is an independent video game developer and publisher.

Awarded in the “Fastest Growing Gamedev Company in Central Europe” category. RDG is according to “Forbes” ranked among the Top50 Polish game producers.


About OOSSO Inc.
OOSSO is a character planning, development, and marketing company. 
Based on the planning and know-how accumulated through various project experiences in the domestic and overseas markets, the company is developing character business such as character licensing and distribution of character products.
The CEO JongSe Kim performed character licensing, merchandising, marketing, and promotion at Iconix for more than 10 years, and media platform and contents-related tasks at LG U Plus and SK Broadband for 13 years. It also has experience in distributing foreign animation characters in Korea.
In addition, Uzzuzzu My Pet won the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award at the 2022 Korean Character Awards.