Quality time for your kids. Comic Coloring Book is now available for free on Nintendo Switch

Boost your child’s creativity. Comic Coloring Book is now available for free on Nintendo Switch.

Discover the adventures of siblings, who met unusual friends — a nice robot and a cute alpacorn. Jump into their world by coloring great cartoon pictures. 

Interesting stories, lovely graphics, and cool characters — all this will make every kid happy.

The comics focus on positive emotions: the joy of discovering, playing, and taking care of each other. They also show that a good adventure can be found everywhere — also at home or in the backyard. You only need a bit of imagination. 

Children are born to be artists. Thanks to coloring books they can show it — not only by learning stories but also by helping to create them. Kids will be embraced to express themself by various tools and a color palette specially chosen by the artist.

A clear goal, which is to finish the page, story, or the whole series, also allows the child to practice perseverance.

In addition, the Comic Coloring Book has interesting plots, which are a great starting point for making up your own stories with our characters.

The first three comics from Comic Coloring Book are available for free! Thanks to this you can immediately see how the story of the characters began, play with your child in space, and visit a kingdom far away.

And for the adventurous, there are twenty more unique stories in two DLCs: Time for the Hero and the Robot and My Friend, Alpacorn. Also, for those who want to draw without limits, there is a special Drawing Without Borders mode.

Don’t miss the launch of Comic Coloring Book on December 28th on Nintendo Switch!


  • Friendly graphics
  • Funny stories
  • For children
  • Stickers!
  • 3 free stories

The Press kit (screenshots, arts, etc.) is available for download HERE.

For more information on Comic Coloring Book, please visit Nintendo eShop, the official game Twitter account, and RedDeerGames official Facebook fanpage.