Push the tempo on the ultra-explosive feline match puzzle game – Bomb Cat! Few cats away from the release date!

Prepare for a purr-fectly explosive gaming experience like no other! RedDeer.Games announced Bomb Cat, a thrilling twist on the classic 2048 match game. Don’t miss out on the fun – mark your calendars on 3 May and prepare for a blast!

Watch Bomb Cat Trailer

In Bomb Cat, the goal is simple yet challenging: players match adorable fluffy cats to achieve the highest score without running out of space. But beware, because lurking among these cuddly companions is the bombastic Bomb Cat, ready to shake things up with its explosive antics. 

Will it assist players in their quest for high scores, or will it send their game flying into oblivion? The choice is theirs, but they must choose wisely!

Featuring eleven colorful cats to match, each with its own weight and personality, Bomb Cat offers endless hours of addictive fun. And with the possibility of sending cats to the Moon and back, along with special combo mechanics to boost scores, the excitement never ends.

But remember, strategic placement is key to maximizing scores and avoiding disaster. Can players rise to the challenge and become the ultimate combo heroes? Find out in Bomb Cat, where every match could mean the difference between victory and defeat.


Bomb Cat will be available on Nintendo Switch consoles from May 3.

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