RedDeer.Games announce new cozy cooking game coming soon – Cook For Love. Just like its predecessor – Tell Me Your Story, the game will be available on both Steam and Nintendo consoles

RedDeer.Games, one of the biggest developers and publishers of indie games on Nintendo Switch, announced a new, in-house game – Cook For Love. Full of delicious recipes and step-by-step preparation instructions, the game is a feast for all food lovers. Players can now wishlist Cook For Love on Steam.


One faithful evening in Paris, a young Frenchman called Clement visited the restaurant of Jean-Luc Chatillone. He was hired on the spot and given access to the master chef’s cookbook – a treasure in itself. 

From that point all that Clement had to do is roll up his sleeves and learn all the recipes, all the while his mentor was cooking delicacies for the people onboard the Orient Express.

Similar to Tell Me Your StoryCook For Love is a story focused around the career of Grandpa Clement before he became a chef we know and love. It was made by the same team that worked on the cozy puzzle game that was released in April.

Wishlist on Steam

Together with Clement, players will climb to earn higher cooking ranks and make their own mark on the world, starting with Jean-Luc Chatillone’s regulars.

offers a wide array of recipes that players can make with their own hands. From tomato juice and hot cocoa to pizzas and pastas, all delicious meals will be unlocked as the game progresses. Cook For Love

Cook for Love will contain 40 recipes of varying complexity, waiting for players to prepare them. All are presented in a fancy way with beautiful, hand-drawn visuals and lively colors. Those who like accuracy in their cooking challenges won’t be disappointed. Additionally, fans of Tell Me Your Story will recognise the art style and coziness. 

Cook For Love will be available on Steam and the Nintendo Switch in 2024, and the game is currently open to wishlists on Steam. The release date of the game will be announced at a later date.

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And Tell Me Your Story is available on both Nintendo Switch and Steam.

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Since 2019, RedDeer.Games (RDG) is an independent developer and publisher of video games. According to “Forbes”, RDG is ranked among the Top50 Polish game producers and has been awarded one of „The Fastest Growing Gamedev Companies in Central Europe”. RDG’s portfolio contains over 80 unique indie titles, some of which are Sprout Valley, One Night: Burlesque, Little Mouse Encyclopedia, She Wants Me Dead, and Uzzuzzu My Pet – Golf Dash, alongside franchises like The Smurfs, Kayko & Kokosh, as well as The Evil One. RDG releases games on key distribution platforms like Nintendo Switch, Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, and iOS. When it comes to plans for 2024, RedDeer.Games will publish DROS and I See Red on Nintendo Switch console, as well as their own original project – Tell Me Your Story.