RedDeer.games reveal the first details about the game „Kayko and Kokosh”.

New Netflix animated series debuting internationally on December 1st is based, just like two upcoming games, on the legendary Polish comic book written by Janusz Christa. It is about the adventures of two Slavic warriors, Kayko and Kokosh.

The first game, appearing in the first quarter of 2022, will be introducing extraordinary heroes to a wider group of players around the world. It will be a unique combination of the coloring book, interactive comic, and visual novel. The plot of the game is created by former CD Projekt RED writer, Magdalena Kucenty, responsible for the script of The Witcher’s Gwent.

You’ll enter the colorful world of Slavic fantasy. The humorous strips follow the story of two warriors that do everything they can to defend their beloved castle of Mirmilovo from attacks by the evil order of Knaveknights.

Kayko is the clever, resourceful, and lovable kind of a hero, while Kokosh is more of a strong and confident type, who’s always hungry. They both serve castellan and his wife—Mirmil and Lubava—who take care of general order in Mirmilovo. 

In this beautiful, yet rarely quiet place the sneaky attacks from the Knaveknights are so common that Kayko and Kokosh need to constantly invent new tactics of saving the castle. And they do it in the funniest and cunning ways possible: from absurd diplomatic disputes through changing the opening hours of the castle to the fight with an overwhelming spirit of laziness.

The additional ten comic strips picture everyday life in the castle and its surroundings, with cute and magical creatures that live there. Thanks to the fun drawings and stories the game should please readers of every age and improve their mood immediately!

RedDeer.games production will be created in cooperation with the Janusz Christa „KRESKA” Foundation, to reflect the spirit of the adventures of the brave Slavs as faithfully as possible. 

 – Cooperation with Janusz Christa’s Kreska Foundation is an honor and a great pleasure. Our mission is clear: to create games that comic book fans will love, but also to present these characters and the universe to a global audience. We believe that Kayko and Kokosh deserve it – says Michał M. Lisiecki, CEO of RedDeerGames.

The Press kit (arts, logo, etc.) is available for download HERE

For more information on Kayko and Kokosh, please visit the official game Twitter account, RedDeer.games official Facebook fanpage,  RedDeer.games official Discord Server, and RedDeer.games website.

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Kayko and Kokosh debuted in comic books written by Janusz Christy in the 1970s and quickly gained great popularity in Poland. Recently, the global audience could watch them in an animated series available on the Netflix streaming platform.

The comic is often referred to as Polish „Asterix and Obelix”, but its origins as „Kajtek and Koko” (the ancestors of Kayko and Kokosh) dates back to the 1950s, before René Goscinny’s work.

The series tells the adventures of two Slavic warriors. It’s aimed at children, but also loved by adults, full of humour and references to Slavic traditions. It has gained a cult following in Poland; it is the absolute foundation of Polish comics.