The Treflik Family comes to Nintendo Switch. RedDeer.Games is teaming up with KAZstudio SA – part of the Trefl Group

RedDeer.Games one of the biggest publisher of Nintendo Switch games, awarded as the fastest-growing gamedev company in Central Europe embarking on a new chapter with its partnership with the studio animation KAZstudio – part of the Trefl Group, Europe’s leading puzzle and board game manufacturer.

Thanks to the cooperation, the popular characters of the children’s series, The Treflik Family, will make their way to consoles.


— The Treflik Family is a key brand for us – based on the children’s animation created at Trefl group-owned KAZstudio. One of our strategic goals is to develop a strong growth of this brand globally. Cooperation with companies such as RedDeer.Games is one of the key moments for us, as it will help us reach new audiences abroad – says Kazimierz Wierzbicki, owner of the Trefl Group.

— What we are excited about and worth mentioning, is that the educational values we wanted to carry in the Treflik’s animation series – will also be popularized through new mediums like Nintendo Switch. It’s highly important for us, as our mission is to create and provide smart and developing entertainment – he adds.


The licensing agreement will offer access to unique entertainment with the beloved Treflik characters for fans of the series and Nintendo Switch owners. Together, RedDeer.Games and KAZstudio will entertain and educate children around the world.

— I’m very happy that as RedDeer.Games we are going to introduce The Treflik Family to the digital world and support the brand to reach a whole new audience – says Michał M. Lisiecki, CEO and co-founder of RedDeer.Games.

The first games and apps featuring The Treflik Family will be released later in the first half of 2023.


Treflik, Treflinka and their extraordinary family show children the world around them to help them understand it.  The animated musical series The Treflik Family was created in 2013 at KAZstudio in Gdynia, Poland. It quickly won the sympathy of families around the world. It has been created in the traditional stop-motion animation technique, in which to create one second of the show – 25 pictures are taken. Furthermore, it gives more than 12,500 pictures per episode.

— As a huge jigsaw enthusiast – I’m extremely happy to work with the Trefl Group – says Marta Frankel-Dominik, Publishing Director in RedDeer.Games. — I believe it will provide benefits and growth for both sides. We will open up new perspectives and opportunities for each other – she adds.



RedDeer.Games (RDG) is an independent video game developer and publisher.

Awarded in the “Fastest Growing Gamedev Company in Central Europe” category. RDG is according to “Forbes” ranked among the Top50 Polish game producers.


KAZstudio SA (formerly Studio Trefl SA) was established in 2013 in Gdynia, Poland. The studio specializes in traditional stop-motion animation using set design and handmade puppets. Currently, the studio has produced 77 episodes of the popular TV series “The Treflik Family” and 104 episodes of the non-dialogue animation “Babies and Teddy Bear”. The main director of both productions is Marek Skrobecki, co-creator of such productions as the Oscar-winning “Peter and the Wolf” and “Danny Boy.” 
A team of nearly 50 professionals collaborates on the productions and the entire animation creation process, from script to post-production, takes place at the studio in Gdynia.
KAZstudio’s animations can be seen all over the world: in CEE countries, China, Mexico, or the United Arab Emirates.
Currently, the Studio is working on a special 26-minute Christmas episode with the Trefliks and the 5th season of the series “Babies and Teddy Bear”. 
“The Treflik Family” and “Babies and Teddy Bear” are co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.


Trefl Group’s mission is to create entertainment that connects and brings people together through moments spent together. Trefl SA is a family business and the first puzzle manufacturer in Poland, present on the market since 1985. Today, Trefl is among the world’s leading puzzle manufacturers, one of the most important board game producers in Europe and the largest toy manufacturer in Poland. It sells toys to more than 60 countries around the world, with most of its products consistently made in Poland from the beginning, in its own factory in Gdynia, taking care of an ethical and sustainable production process. 

In addition to the development of its own licenses – The Treflik Family and Babies and Teddy Bear, are an essential part of the business is the production of puzzles, board games, toys, and books based on the world’s largest licenses, such as Disney, Mattel and Hasbro.