Circa Infinity, a brain-melting circular platformer with crazy visuals, is coming to Switch and Xbox later this year

The award-winning game finally arrives on consoles!

Immerse yourself in a hypnotic world of a never-ending circle in this brain-melting platformer with an incredible pulse-pounding soundtrack and crazy visuals!

Circa Infinity, created by Kenny Sun, will launch on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X later this year, thanks to a global publisher 

Circa Infinity was chosen as a finalist in the Best Gameplay category during Big Festival, and a finalist in the Best Student Game category during Independent Game Festival. 

– PewDiePie, YouTuber, about Circa Infinity. Check out his video 

Test your skills on 50 challenging levels in this crazy world of an endless circle.  Reach the core of each level by slipping through a series of circular layers. You can also test yourself in speedrun mode!  

Time your jumps to avoid creatures that reside within the circles and reach the next layer. As you go deeper, the action gets faster and more challenging!

Can you keep up?

Crazy visuals and pumping soundtrack will turn up the already intense gameplay experience and literally melt your brain! Think of Circa infinity as a live music video, with challenging action and psychedelic graphics.

Circa Infinity Trailer is now available on YouTube: 


  • world of a never-ending circle
  • dazzling experience – unlike any you’ve seen before.
  • 50 levels, 5 bosses  – with non-stop action! 
  • mesmerizing visuals – minimalist, unique style
  • pulse-pounding soundtrack – created by Jack + Jim Fay
  • available in 9 languages:  English, Japanese, French,  Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Dutch.

The Press kit (screenshots, arts, etc.) is available for download HERE.

For more information on Circa Infinity, please visit the official game Twitter account, official Facebook fanpage, official Discord Server, and website.

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Kenny Sun is a talented indie developer and photographer with a passion for making challenging games. He graduated from New York University with a specialization in Game Design. 

His recent games are: Tender Creature Comforts, A Hollow Doorway, and Peak’s Edge.