Fishy deliciousness awaits all ambitious cooks – Tokyo Cooking is coming to Nintendo Switch on May 17th

RedDeer.Games has announced the release date of an in-house simulation game – Tokyo Cooking. Nintendo Switch players will have the chance to prepare iconic dishes, chat with customers, and run the sushi restaurant of their dreams starting May 17th.

Watch Tokyo Cooking Trailer

The kitchen is where the players will reside. It has all the equipment and ingredients they will need to fill out the orders. Every meal has a to-do list attached that varies depending on the client’s wish – it’s not all just following directions, though!

A chef is an artist, and cooking is the tastiest form of art – balance, timing, and precision are big parts of it. These skills will be needed when frying and cutting food, as well as adding spices and preparing sauces.

With money in their pocket, players will sit down and relax in the evening after the restaurant closes. This will also be the perfect moment to take a look at new decorations they can purchase for their restaurant. A simple, modern vibe or a light and traditional look? That’s all up to them.

Composing the perfect dishes isn’t everything – there are also a couple of mini-games that add a buck or two to the overall order price. Players also have the chance to encounter unique customers and maybe, just maybe, they will become regulars at this one-of-a-kind restaurant.

Tokyo Cooking is coming to the Nintendo Switch on May 17th.

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