Something very strange suddenly appeared in
a small town…

Boreal Tenebrae (Switch, Xbox) release date revealed! 

Boreal Tenebrae is a dark retro adventure in the style of 90s PlayStation 1 classics, with cartoonish graphics and synth wave music to deepen the atmosphere of horror. 

This disturbing, surreal story will be available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One / Xbox Series S|X thanks to on April 8.

Watch the trailer HERE 

Check out Boreal Tenebrae Animated Short HERE

Sudden technological changes and digital evolution cause terror and anxiety in society. In a small, lonely town where this type of transformation proceeds much slower, the impact of this kind of phenomenon is always increased.

And people are usually hostile to it.

In such a small town, Dusky Rivers, set in an idyllic landscape, this story begins. A technological anomaly suddenly appears.

This phenomenon bends reality and absorbs what is in its vicinity from time to time. And its first victim was your sister Sarah.

Play as Bree, the main character, Sarah’s sister, as well as her friends, and city residents.

Each of the characters looks at the town differently, has a contrasting story and diverse insights, but each of them is important in the attempt to solve the mystery of the anomaly that Sarah was accused of causing.

Explore and discover the town and its alternative, dark version. Collect and redo items, discover diary recordings to learn more about the story, and play cassette tapes.

Complete the ritual started by Sarah, save her and others from the alternate world, and discover the dark secrets of a slowly decaying town.

– Retro game stylized as classics from the 32bit PS1 era
– Bizzare horror adventure with dark atmosphere, surreal elements, and gore
– The contrast in the form of cartoon-retro graphics, and a dark story
– Story-driven quests with multiple characters
– Simple adventure game controls
– Deepened figures, different points of view on the same phenomena

Boreal Tenebrae was nominated for Best Art Direction and Best Narrative at the Canadian Game Awards 2021.

The Press kit (screenshots, arts, etc.) is available for download HERE.

Nintendo Switch EU version
Nintendo Switch US version
XBOX version

For more information on Boreal Tenebrae, please visit the official Twitter account, official Facebook fanpage, official Discord Server, and website.

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