Earth will not be conquered by measly demons! An old-school adventure, Crypt Stalker, is now on Nintendo Switch consoles

RedDeer.Games, in a close partnership with developer Sinclair Strange, presents one heck of a throwback. Crypt Stalker will remind players of the 8-bit wonders of their youth (or their parents’ youth). Retro demon slayers can now pick up those controllers and save the world from eternal damnation straight from the Nintendo eShop!

Watch the Crypt Stalker Trailer

Through the desert’s hot, golden sands, to the pyramids of the damned. The journey of Gladys, the descendant of Crypt Stalkers, doesn’t end there. She needs to whip her way through the inside of this abandoned monument and get to the heart of the invasion – the demon overlord.

The mission is clear; smack ‘em, blast ‘em (with Gladys’ trusty sidearm) and break through the legions of hellish beasts and undead alike. 9 stages, brimming with monsters, are standing in the way to save the planet.

Together with them; magma walls, spike traps, flying morningstars and more will attempt to end the line of Crypt Stalkers forevermore. All in a retro style, with old-school rules, and many nail-biting close calls!

For experienced Crypt Stalkers there are bonus stages in the monochromatic handheld mode. Four new levels that will test their skills, and tough challenges – like boss rush. To better emulate the classics, the screen has extra fake flickering, while the game itself comes with a sound test mode.

All of the base stages will be available in two difficulty levels: original and casual mode.


Crypt Stalker is now available on Nintendo Switch. The game can also be found on Steam.

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About SinclairStrange
I’ve been developing games for over a decade having started out releasing small flash titles on Newgrounds. My first release was a small game called Jet Gunner that launched on Steam in 2014. Ever since I’ve been making small 8-bit styled games that hopefully helps people re-live the glory days of the yesteryear where VHS was king and there no where no such thing as update patches. I’m also a fan of taking part of game jams and have won Ludum Dare Jam twice with 8-bit styled games.