New Boreal Tenebrae short film digs into the past of a mysterious, dying town. Check out this amazing cinematic before playing the game!

RedDeer.games revealed a new animated short for Boreal Tenebrae, an atmospheric adventure game with horror elements, heavily inspired by the greatest PlayStation 1 titles and popular TV shows such as Stranger Things and Twin Peaks.

This unique game, created by Snot Bubbles Productions, will launch on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X later this year. 

Check out the short film on YouTube:

This new cinematic introduces you to the gloomy world of Boreal Tenebrae, where everything is out of the ordinary. Strange blocks emitting hypnotic static have appeared in town. Some locals, including Sarah, have been absorbed by this weird object and have never come back.

The short movie was directed and created by Boreal Tenebrae’s developer Daniel Beaulieu, who is a talented 3D Character Animator with years of experience. 

Boreal Tenebrae lets you experience a mysterious adventure with a touch of horror. In this nightmare of a dying town, you traverse many unique locations from Boreal’s world and dark alternate universe searching for your missing sister Sarah.

Before Sarah vanished, she began the mysterious ritual that must be completed to heal the infected town. Only you can do it. Explore the dying world, investigate the murder, solve puzzles and try to stop this apocalypse. 

– The concept behind Boreal Tenebrae comes from my youth. Growing up in some of the small rural communities of Canada gave me a unique and anachronistic perspective of the 1990’s: juxtaposed between tradition and technology – said Daniel Beaulieu, the creator of Boreal Tenebrae. 


  • Classic retro-style adventures
  • Horror elements and gore  
  • Story-driven quests with multiple characters
  • Fixed-camera
  • Available in 7 languages:  English, Japanese, French,  Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese. 

The Press kit (screenshots, arts, etc.) is available for download HERE.

Nintendo Switch EU version
Nintendo Switch US version
XBOX version

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Snot Bubbles Productions is an independent team working in Canada with a passion for making games founded by talented artist Daniel Beaulieu. 

Daniel is a brilliant animator with 12 years of experience. He graduated from Vancouver Film School in 2014 with a specialization in 3D character animation.

After graduation, he worked as a Lead Animator on Disney’s Emmy Award-winning series „Elena of Avalor”, as well as „The Rocketeer” and  „Puss in Boots” (DreamWorks/Netflix collaboration).  Currently, he holds the position of Animation Director at ICON Creative Studio.