Nico takes a peek at the front page of Steam – Sprout Valley available on DreamHack Beyond Game Awards! 

Sprout Valley, the cozy farming sim created by Vadzim Liakhovich and published by RedDeer.Games, has reached the shores of DreamHack Beyond! Many players have joined Nico on his journey in search of friends, mysteries, and most importantly – a place he can call home.

Watch special trailer of Sprout Valley

We’re excited to announce Sprout Valley’s appearance on DreamHack Beyond and happy to let its cozy community know about some upcoming events that will happen in the game’s near future! Buckle up, buckaroos, it’s time to welcome a new standard of cozy farming games make its way to Steam.

While the players hippety-hop through the various islands of Ostara, new seasonal updates will come their way. Sprinkled crafting recipes and event-themed items will start appearing during the upcoming year – they will bring more life to Nico’s little home base and cozy up the game to the max!

And for players who are waiting for something bigger… oh don’t worry, it’s coming. The first Sprout Valley expansion is on its way – we have to be hush-hush about it but know that there are many things to be excited about! 

For now, know that the community will be seeing more of Ozlo soon enough.

We have also some small Winter Celebration patch for you, which soon will be available on Steam and Nintendo Switch. When? We will let you know in the upcoming days! 

And finally, a message from Vadzim to Sprout Valley’s community:

”Hello community!

This year was amazing for Sprout Valley. We launched the game and I am seeing a lot good and positive feedback, which warms my heart, since this project is very close to me. We still have a long journey ahead with many cool stuff coming in! Wish you the best holidays and keep being amazing as you are ❤️”

As we celebrate Sprout Valley’s (also known as apple of our eye’s) success, together with Vadzim we wish you the happiest holidays and bountiful harvests!

Sprout Valley is available on SteamNintendo Switchitch.io.

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ABOUT Vadzim Liakhovich
Vadzim Liakhovich is an experienced front-end developer, who in his spare time, likes to create indie games. He loves tech and web-related stuff and is always willing to learn something new.