Sky Caravan – premiere ending three-month Indie Spring Spree event available on Nintendo Switch consoles 

RedDeer.Games, the leading developer and publisher of indie games for Nintendo Switch consoles has today released the last launch of the Indie Spring Spree event, being both the game of the month for the June edition. Sky Caravan closes out three months of fun with indie games every Friday.

Watch the trailer of Sky Caravan

Sky Caravan is a text-based, colorful sci-fi adventure, set in the fantastic and diversified world of Skyways. As the captain of a sky caravan, players will be tasked with the management of their crew, as well as accepting and carrying out cargo tasks.

As a sky goods carrier, players will face challenging choices. Whether a given order and the risks involved are profitable will depend on their decisions. Moreover, not every commissioner will tolerate any delay. 

Each of the player’s decisions will affect the future of the characters. That’s why, the proper management of the crew should also be kept in mind. 

Players can have an ideal relationship with their people, but they can also make them turn from loyal companions into fierce enemies. Their fate lies in the hands of the captain, but it is with the crew’s help that players will be able to pay off the massive debts incurred.

Sky Caravan is available from today globally on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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RedDeer.Games (RDG) is an independent video game developer and publisher. Awarded in the “Fastest Growing Gamedev Company in Central Europe” category. RDG is according to “Forbes” ranked among the Top 50 Polish game producers. In recent years RedDeer.Games released titles like PID, Fluffy Horde, Cat Tales, AAA Clock 2, Space Tail, She Wants Me Dead, Reky, Broken Universe, League of Enthusiastic Losers, Pro Gymnast Simulator, EleMetals: Death Metal Death Match, and Bit Orchard. At the moment RedDeer.Games is working on games from licenses such as The Smurfs, Lucky Luke, and many others.


ABOUT Studio Bravarda
Studio Bravarda is a studio that makes games with Brazilian flavors. Based in Lisbon, Portugal, it was founded by six Brazilian partners, who met while attending university in Rio de Janeiro.

After its formal founding, Studio Bravarda has had a number of different projects under its belt. The first was Terra Pulse, and later the same year – Sky Caravan. After its release, the game was nominated for a number of awards regarding its narrative and innovation.

In late 2022, they started the production for Extremely Powerful Capybaras, a roguelike bullet hell where up to four players can control capybaras that wield various weapons, with the objective of trying to survive as long as possible in an arena filled to with foes. The game is set to release later this year.