Step now into Angels Den and see the club in its full glory – One Night: Burlesque, the supernatural detective story is now on Nintendo Switch and Steam

RedDeer.Games, one of the lead indie video game publishers and developers on Nintendo Switch, has just opened the door of Angels Den. One Night: Burlesque, the awaited mystery visual novel with a supernatural twist, is available now on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Watch the release trailer of One Night: Burlesque

As the sun sets the doors of the luxurious burlesque club open, Angels Den happily greets its guests with a promise of an unforgettable night.

One Night: Burlesque introduces the players to Holly – one of the club’s dancers, who is having quite a rough time. She’s struggling to keep her hidden, mind-reading abilities under control, and this could ruin more than just this one night at the club.

This ailment of supernatural nature proves to be useful when a bloody picture is projected into her head – in it, her friend, Liz, is shot in the chest while on stage.

Holly’s night changes drastically – from an everyday burlesque show into a murder-mystery race with time. This makes her pull all the stops and decide to find out who’s behind this by herself.

The players follow Holly and together interview a list of suspects, make choices, play story-related minigames, and, most importantly, decide when to read the thoughts of others.

The world in One Night: Burlesque isn’t black and white – the noir red is replaced by pink, and the modern setting is underlined by neon lights. Here, everything depends on the player’s choices and multiple endings can be obtained, even without using Holly’s mind-reading abilities. 


One Night: Burlesque isavailable now, both on Steam and Nintendo Switch consoles. The latter has a demo version of the game available to download anytime.

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RedDeer.Games (RDG) is an independent video game developer and publisher. Awarded in the “Fastest Growing Gamedev Company in Central Europe” category. RDG is according to “Forbes” ranked among the Top 50 Polish game producers. In recent years RedDeer.Games released titles like PID, Fluffy Horde, Cat Tales, AAA Clock 2, Space Tail, She Wants Me Dead, Reky, Broken Universe, League of Enthusiastic Losers, Pro Gymnast Simulator, EleMetals: Death Metal Death Match, and Bit Orchard. At the moment RedDeer.Games is working on games from licenses such as The Smurfs, Lucky Luke, and many others.